Does No Fap Make You More Attractive?

The answer is not straightforward. For that reason, we need to investigate more in-depth on what happens on a typical man’s body during no fap, and then see if one of those changes correlates with an increased male attractiveness. 

As you can learn from this article, the most common no fap benefits are:

  1. More Confidence;
  2. More Focus & Clarity;
  3. Less Social Anxiety;
  4. Making More Money;
  5. More Libido;
  6. More Strength & Muscle Growth;
  7. Deeper Voice.

Now, to find out if no fap will increase your attractiveness with the opposite sex, we need to find out which one of those will have a positive effect on your sex appeal and dating life.

Does Confidence Increase Perceived Attractiveness in Women?

As a dating coach, I know for a fact that confidence is one aspect that women can’t resist in men. That’s because a confident man will very likely be a better provider for the woman that will choose him. 

Being a good provider is one of the main psychological traits women look for on a man. That’s because such a kind of guy will be able to face life obstacles with much more ease rather than withdrawing from them like a scary cat. 

Since we know that excessive masturbation and porn usage causes your baseline dopamine levels to drop, you’ll have less confidence by continuously adopting those bad habits.

This means that the opposite is true, meaning that with a consistent no fap practice, you will increase the baseline levels of dopamine in your bloodstream (with respect to the abnormal, artificial ones) and experience higher confidence levels. 

This will make you take your life by the balls by taking more professional and social opportunities, making you speak up when needed and going your own way unapologetically; all behaviors that a confident man displays.

Women will see those exalted behavioral traits in you, notice how you run like a train headed towards your success destination, and will want to jump on the bandwagon along with you. 

From my women’s psychology knowledge, dating experience, and common sense, I give one point to no fap as being a successful influencer with women. 

However, one point might not be enough to justify its magnetic power. Let’s go on and see if other no fap benefits will get you laid.

Do More Focus & Clarity Increase Female Attractiveness?

What about having more focus & clarity? I don’t think that having the ability to concentrate more on a given task will make you be perceived as more attractive to the opposite sex. 

However, this will, without any doubt, give you much more concreteness to your life and make you more results-oriented. So even if being more focussed is not an attractor per se, it might still change something.

Maybe the fact that you will get more concrete results is going to make you more successful, and this can increase your overall attractiveness. This could be counted as an influencing factor, but that’s no direct relationship between being more focussed and becoming more attractive to women. 

That’s why I will put this factor neither as a positive one nor as a negative for the final verdict in our research journey and consider this factor neutral. 

Surely with an increased focus you will be able to stare longer at women’s tits or asses than before. That’s why if you look like him you’d surely lose big points on the woman you want to seduce.

Focus on your business and things will get better buddy, trust me that I’ve failed so many times with women that the last one was today (yes, even if I’m a dating coach I still fail).

Does Having Less Social Anxiety Improve Women Attraction?

As explained in this article, frequently masturbating while consuming pornographic material is associated with a decrease of baseline dopamine levels in the bloodstream. 

One effect of having low dopamine in your system is that you will feel more socially anxious because of your brain “on porn” and “on excessive masturbation,” won’t perceive social interactions to be as rewarding as they should generally be.

This will cause many men to feel uncomfortable around people and socially awkward, especially in the presence of women. Now imagine what the consequences of continually feeling socially anxious with the opposite sex are.

You won’t be able to properly function as a man in this society because we are, by nature, social animals and need to stay with each other to survive, feel good, and thrive.

However, the typical man that is addicted to porn and masturbation will despise social interactions, not only because of an increase of social anxiety but also because of the feeling of self-inadequacy that such habits will procure him.

This will make such a man go out less often with his buddies, approach fewer women, and have less sex that will, in turn, make him watch more porn and keep depleting him of his manliness, confidence, and self-esteem.

The vicious circle will be so strong that in a few weeks, a man can literally destroy his social life, exactly like it happened to me when I went from working as a PR in clubs to watching porn 3 times a day at my home during college exam sessions. 

After the exams, I had lost all contacts with the friends and women that I had met before and, worse than this, I couldn’t get back to socialize regularly as I liked to. I started hating clubs, noisy places, and just wanted to stay home watching shitty youtube videos. 

That’s why, if you practice no fap, you will most likely improve your dating and social life and, thus, attract more friends and women because of your improved social confidence and action. 

That’s why the bottom line is that I give one more plus point for no fap in terms of improvement with your relationships with the opposite sex, as a reduction in social anxiety will change the entire game.

Making More Money & Being More Attractive

I guess you’re wondering if I’m even discussing the idea that making more money will make you more successful with women. Yes, I am because I like writing and entertaining my readers honestly without talking about politically correct stuff.

Having money will significantly improve your chances with women because of many reasons that I won’t deeply analyze in this article. However, the real question is if nofap will enhance your money-making abilities. 

In my opinion, practicing sexual abstinence strongly improves your chances of making money, not just by a little but by a freaking compound effect that’s stronger than the atomic bomb trigger process.

When you practice no fap, you feel so much more energetic and powerful that you will have more motivation to do everything you need to do and want to do, starting from ironing your clothes, going to the gym regularly, and building your dream life.

This means that because of the law of cause-effect, you will probably become much better at what you do since you will practice your physical and mental skills more intensely than before. 

That’s precisely what I experienced when I was around 2 weeks on my first no fap journey. I had started my dating business recently and wanted to find a way to make my product so good that people would be willing to invest more than $2k in my coaching programs.

I started to work my ass off reading book after book, and approaching woman after woman until I got to a level that surpassed the majority of other coaches in the market. 

That simply happened because I had developed more discipline, resilience, and drive than ever, making me very competitive in the market. That’s how I ended up earning lots of money while helping the lives of my clients that were willing to spend even more for what I did to them.

How can this translate as an improvement in your life?

The more energy you will have, the more effectively you’ll work, then you will be more hungry for success and money and probably end up making more of them in your no fap year than in the last 3 years of your life. 

This also works if you’re an employee and look for advancement in your career as everybody around you will notice you’ll have become a war machine. 

Making more money will, in turn, improve your confidence levels that will reinforce your self-image and strengthen your social position in the dominance hierarchy. 

Those are all traits that women are attracted to because a man with more money and with higher self-esteem will support her (and fuck her) better than one that’s not motivated to become his best version.

That’s why I give plus point to no fap as far as its magic women attraction capabilities. It seems like it really works, right? Let’s go on to the other aspects to see its full potential.

Will Having More Libido Give You a Better Dating Life?

When you don’t masturbate or watch porn for enough time, you will feel your sexual desire increase as if you are a 15 years old teenager full of male hormones. 

As shown by this study, between the 3rd and the 7th day of no fap, your body will increase its testosterone production that will, in turn, increase your libido. 

This inevitably means a stronger desire for masturbation but also a stronger desire for sex with real women that will massage your snake with their tongues.

This newfound young teenager’s desire to mate with a woman will give you the necessary motivation to approach more of them with a strong, male intentional energy. 

They will immediately feel you smell so bad of testosterone that you will literally make them wet with your pheromones only, not to talk about all the other benefits that accompany sexual abstinence. 

Moreover, having more libido will make you more grounded in your balls and less in your head, this means that you will touch women more instead of being afraid of making them feel your presence. 

Women love when a man knows how to touch them without being invaded. That’s precisely what happens when you touch them driven by your natural instinct instead of a calculated touch move.

What if You Have Too Much Libido?

One danger that might occur by having too much libido is that you can start acting like a sexual predator and excess in your interactions with women. 

This means that if you have neediness feelings, you might become even needier by having a stronger sexual force driving you, a fact that will repel women away like scary cats.

If that’s your case, you should first consider an improvement of your mindset and self-esteem because having too much libido might provoke the opposite effect of what you want and get women away from you instead of attracting them. 

Having a strong inner foundation is necessary for every aspect of life, whether you talk about attracting women or becoming successful in business.

The bottom line, however, is that for a psychologically healthy man, no fap will improve his relationships with women as more libido caused by sexual abstinence will get you to act more decisively.

Will More Muscle Growth Increase Your Attractiveness?

That’s another benefit usually experienced by those who try no fap, and one aspect that might seem obvious at first sight concerning women’s attraction. 

Many men assume that getting bigger always means becoming more attractive to the gentle sex. However, the reality is that not every woman on the planet likes puffy bodybuilders that look like a filled Sicilian cannoli. 

However, if you look like the Christian Bale in the movie below, some muscle growth will surely give you some points in the sexual market value. 

The point I’m trying to make here is that what really matters is how harmonious your body looks rather than how big it does and that different women will prefer different body types. 

I remember my first girlfriend didn’t really think my body was the best for her standards (yes, it’s strange, and I was pissed off by that) as I had “too many muscles.”

Now, I don’t think my body was ever too pumped up with respect to normality, and you can see it by those past pictures of me. 

Do you think I was too big? Probably only 10% of you will believe that the other will think I have a good body shape. 

However, for my ex, I was too big as she preferred guys with super skinny arms and legs, slightly more toned than Christian Bale in the previous picture. 

That was one episode when I realized that the fitness goals I had set wouldn’t matter to women more than they did to me as I wanted to become even bigger. 

Now, with this, I’m not saying that getting bigger isn’t a good thing per se, but it depends on how big you get and what women really want.

That’s why, for our research, I wouldn’t consider muscle growth as a critical point in improving female attractiveness. 

My thesis is also supported by scientific research, as it has been proven that men are more visual while women are more projective when it comes to sexual stimulation.

In a few words, a man is typically aroused at the sight of what he perceives as an attractive woman, like those hot influencers you follow on Instagram or ladies you watch in porn (until today, I hope).

A woman, instead, doesn’t rely on visual stimuli to consider a man attractive but to her imagination combined with contextual factors, her emotional states, and ideals of what her man should be (and not look) like.

Do you trust me now? Hey, don’t skip the gym and work out because they will still make you produce more testosterone and keep you more motivated, and you know what the benefits of that are concerning women.

Will Having a Deeper Voice Increase Your Attractiveness?

I guess there are few social contradictions when it comes to this point. The human voice is one of the most important social signals concerning biological and genetic health to the opposite sex. 

The human voice, in fact, tends to be a somewhat relevant mating factor both for men and women. Think about a beautiful woman you know that, unfortunately for her, has such a shitty sounding voice that got your dick limp in less than 5 seconds.

Now, If you have a super high pitched voice as a man, you might cause the same feeling in a woman, but don’t hate me or worry you can’t be attractive if that’s your case, instead read this article first and then come back here.

For all the others that have a normal masculine voice or a deep one, you’re lucky as according to scientific research, women tend to prefer men that have a lower voice as this signals them a higher concentration of testosterone in their bloodstream.

That means, as you already know, a better possibility for children to survive and to be raised appropriately from the father. However, there’s a twist. 

It seems that even if women are instinctively attracted to men with deeper voices, they intuitively feel that those men aren’t going to be as trustworthy as men with a higher-pitched voice. 

According to scientific research, men that have higher testosterone levels and, thus, a lower voice are usually less attentive to their children and more likely to cheat than men with higher-pitched voices. 

That’s why women might prefer those men for occasional sexual encounters while they might marry a man that is “less masculine” just to make sure that they won’t cheat on them.

Interesting paradox, isn’t it?

I believe it is as to whether you have a deep voice or a high pitched one, you’ll be advantaged on one side and disadvantaged on the other.

After all, think about the opposite case, a super attractive woman. Would you trust her to be a loyal wife if she is in the top 1% of the most attractive women in the world with respect to just a cute girl?

Probably before going to bed, you’ll ask yourself 3 times more if she cheated on you or not, while if you stay with a normal girl, you can pretty much stay assured she won’t create much trouble. 

I’m not saying that hot women always cheat and cute women don’t; it’s just that from an evolutionary point of view, humans with a stronger sex appeal have more access to sexual encounters and receive many more sexual offers than average ones. 

This increased exposure to intimate encounters will make it harder to stay faithful in the long term as saying no once can be easy, just as saying it twice or three times. However, when you’re constantly flooded with admirers, you might fall into temptation and cheat on your partner. 

However, as far as concerns our research, I’d put this as a neutral element pertaining to women’s attractiveness because that would depend on if she’s looking just for sex or of a stable relationship.

The Bottom Line: Does No Fap Increase Female Attraction?

We’ve come to the bottom line of our research, as you’ve seen, there have been 4 factors out of the 7 explored that are very likely to be linked to an increased attractiveness with women. 

The final advice then is that you should practice no fap if you want to increase your sexual opportunities or be more likely to find a girlfriend. 

As a last piece of advice, I’d suggest you make your own research and experiments to prove what I’ve said is right.

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