NoFap Benefits

NoFap Benefit #1: More Self Confidence

One of the most common benefits that you’ll probably notice with nofap is a noticeable increase in self-confidence. In fact, that’s what I experienced too, during my journey, especially after the first 7-10 days.

Before trying nofap, I also felt confident but, believe me, buddy, nothing compared to what I experienced during it. I felt I had confidence coming out of my body because I used to workout, approach women, and work on myself for more than a decade. 

However, implementing the semen retention variable got me to a completely new level of confidence. That’s why this time I urge you try this out.

To me, it felt like unlocking a new inner power that gave me the courage to do things that I didn’t dare to do before. 

For instance, I started cold approaching every woman I liked, even if she was a 9 or a 10 while before I used to let go of some sets. The best thing was that I did this regardless of circumstances and without much hesitation!

Once I even approached a couple (that turned out to be friends) with a guy that was at least 40 inches taller than me. I also started to speak up more for what I wanted instead of swallowing things I actually wanted to say. 

Everything changed dramatically, starting from the way I walked, talked, and ending on how I was being treated by women. 

I was radiating so much confidence that my sexual experiences tripled in that year. That’s because nofap can increase your magnetism by tenfold.

The Science Behind NoFap & Confidence

What’s the scientific explanation behind the fact that nofap gives us more confidence?

To understand this, it’s time to talk about one important hormone that regulates our pleasure response; dopamine. 

Dopamine is the motivation and rewards brain chemical. It’s the hormone that makes us feel good after completing a task, giving us that feeling of accomplishment, just like when you complete your to-do list.

When you masturbate too much (especially while watching porn), your brain releases a higher than average dopamine level. 

Let’s say that on a regular week, a guy gets 50 units of dopamine without any artificial or excessive stimulation in his brain. That is his baseline level of dopamine, naturally produced by his body.

Now imagine that same guy watching new styles of porn for the first time in his life and masturbating more frequently than before. 

Maybe watching a man and a woman having sex doesn’t stimulate him anymore after the first week, meaning he got desensitized to the level of dopamine associated with those scenes.

Mode Dopamine Spikes = Less Baseline Confidence

The straightforward solution everybody goes for? Increasing the dopamine levels by exposing the brain to stronger stimuli.

Maybe the guy starts watching threesomes, orgies, or masturbating 3 times a day instead of 1. Let’s say that this new exposure to such scenes would produce a dopamine release of 90 units instead of 50.

This will cause new and huge dopamine spikes that will give a short term wave of intense pleasure to the guy. At the same time, his baseline level of dopamine will decrease, creating a new low threshold after the big peaks he will experience.

This means that if the guy consistently watches this kind of porn (21 days are enough), his baseline dopamine level won’t be 50 units anymore, but something below that. This happens because, after every big peak, the body responds by creating new lower “lows.”

This entails that the natural levels of dopamine produced by his body will be lower on average. 

Now, what happens?

After the guy got used to such high levels of dopamine, he doesn’t get huge dopamine responses when he goes out with friends, or talks to women because to feel pleasure “as his brain remembers” heavy masturbation or porn is the only way. 

This will make him stay away from what normally is fulfilling activities (family time, social gatherings, dating). The less social one becomes, the less social one whats to be, the same occurring with women.  

Feeling socially anxious and generally less confident, he will start to refuge in heavy porn usage and, very often, in a diet full of sweets and fats that will produce higher dopamine spikes, just as porn does.

That’s how addictions work fundamentally, whether it’s masturbation, drugs, or anything else you are enslaved by. This finally will get him into a negative spiral from where it will be very hard to get out of. 

The Bottom Line

If you practice nofap for a period of time, your body will lower its baseline dopamine level, and, as a result, you will naturally feel more confident because of the lower “maintenance” dopamine you need to feel good.

Science doesn’t lie. It’s time your start increasing your baseline dopamine level to control your urge to watch porn.

NoFap Benefit #2: Higher Short Term Testosterone

Does Testosterone Increase with a nofap Practice in the Short Term?

If you are a pro at fapping, you probably noticed how, after frequent arm sessions, you feel very tired. Not only because your arm is sore like if you went to the gym for 3 hours straight but because of ejaculation. 


If you are a pro at fapping, you probably noticed how, after frequent arm sessions, you feel very tired. Not only because your arm is sore as if you went to the gym for 3 hours straight but because of ejaculation. 

Do this low energy, willingness to sleep, and tiredness mean you lost Testosterone or that nothing really happened? 

A Chinese study has proven how practicing nofap was correlated with a change in serum testosterone levels in men. This change, however, wasn’t consistent in the long term as it was mostly occurring between the 3rd and 7th days of abstinence. 

Those days have been found to be the ones when testosterone levels peaked, only to decrease back to normal levels after the 8th day. 

This has shown how there’s a short term change in serum testosterone levels in men practicing nofap.

Does Testosterone Increase with a nofap Practice in the Long Term?

Now, it might seem that testosterone doesn’t change in the long term due to what’s been seen from those studies. 

However, even if there’s not a direct correlation between nofap and short term changes in testosterone, that doesn’t mean that there is an indirect correlation operating below the surface.

To find this out, let’s reflect.

Nofap makes you a totally different man, as you will see with the next benefits. This means that it will rewire your brain in such a way that your habits will change too.

What many men experience during their nofap periods are more motivated to work out, more confident at work and at approaching women and a general sense of improving one’s life.

All those secondary changes in your lifestyle brought by the nofap practice will make you produce higher amounts of testosterone than before. 

This happens because working out increases testosterone levels as well as socializing with women as it is a male competition behavior for dominance. 

This means that even if scientific studies have proven nofap to increase testosterone in the short term only, they failed to see the changes in behavior that nofap produced in men over the long term. 

That’s why, in my opinion, nofap also increases baseline testosterone levels in the long term because of the radical improvements in lifestyle.

If you want to control your urge to watch porn, you might want to socialize with people from time to time. That will help you when you will need to control the urge to ejaculate.

NoFap Benefit #3: More & Better Sex

Will NoFap Make Me Enjoy More Sex?

When you start rebooting your brain, another positive side effect you might experience is having more and better sex than before; the real one, not the virtual one. 

This happens because of all the combined benefits you’ll get with nofap, including the increase in self-confidence, energy levels, and muscle growth.

In my personal experience, I noticed how I was much more driven to approach and interact with women than when masturbating and watching porn. I felt like I could talk to all of them without any particular anxiety, following my natural desires. 

Moreover, my results improved significantly, making me wonder where all those seduction skills were coming from. Girls looked at me differently, flirted more with me, and wanted me to sleep with them like I was a rockstar.

I was in contact with my authentic manliness and able to express it unapologetically. This didn’t only happen to me, in fact, most of my friends reported amazing benefits from doing nofap when it came to attracting women. 

This can also work on you, even if you are not very social or skilled with women because you’ll be driven from an internal drive you probably experienced during puberty.

NoFap Benefit #4: Promotes Muscle Growth & Strength

Will NoFap Increase My Long-Term Gains?

Most likely, yes, let me explain why.

As we’ve seen before, practicing nofap doesn’t directly cause a higher testosterone production in your body in the long term. 

In fact, a Chinese study proved how there is a rise in testosterone levels during the first 7 days of sexual abstinence, after which Testosterone gets back to its normal levels. 

Does it mean that there are no long term gains caused by nofap?

To understand this, we must take into consideration the androgen receptors in men. Those receptors are small units where Testosterone can bind and cause essential functions in our body, such as developing and keeping healthy our reproductive, cardiovascular, and immune systems.

Androgen receptors serve as an anchor to Testosterone and 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that play an essential role in developing the typical male qualities in a man. 

“Please be less scientific and more practical Sal, my brain is exploding!” I know, I’ll get to the point soon.

It seems that, even if nofap doesn’t increase the baseline of serum testosterone in the blood, it actually increases the number of androgen receptors in the long term of abstinence. 

This is not a concluded evidence, but having seen that androgen receptors decrease during frequent masturbation, a reduction of self-pleasuring practices could actually increase their number in the long term.

Since Testosterone and 5α-dihydrotestosterone need to bind to androgen receptors (AR) to be effective, the lower the number of AR, the lower the effect of Testosterone on our bodies while the higher the number of AR, the stronger the effect of Testosterone on it. 

In a few words, it seems that nofap increases the number of receptors in your body where your Testosterone can bind, producing thus a stronger effect on you.

That’s why many people notice a baseline increase in strength and libido after getting to the rebooting phase. It’s not the Testosterone that has risen but its effect that has been maximized. 

This is not scientifically proven yet; however, I advise you to test this out for yourself as, from my personal experience, I also experience significantly higher levels of strength, libido, and endurance in the long term thanks to nofap.

Many athletes like Mike Tyson practiced abstinence for long periods of time, especially before their fights, to become stronger and improve their performances. 

Make your own personal experimentations and see what happens. By the way, if you become the next Mike Tyson, please remember me.

NoFap Benefit #5: NoFap Can Reduce Anxiety

Men who masturbate too much, or have a distorted sense of what pleasure is by consuming too much porn, get distorted feelings of anxiety even in normal circumstances. This can translate into normal life anxiety to social anxiety.

The opposite happens when you stop consuming porn and exaggerate with masturbation; in fact, when dopamine reaches its natural level, you will start experiencing boosts in confidence and an overall uplifted mood in your day to day life.

This happens because, as you’ve seen before, there’s a directly proportional relationship between your dopamine and confidence levels and an inversely proportional relationship between your dopamine and social anxiety levels.

That’s why practicing nofap will make you feel less anxious in general, apart from making you more socially confident and bold. 

This occurs because the release of cortisol, the hormone of stress, is reduced when dopamine and serotonin are released in higher amounts, exactly what happens with the reduction of unhealthy PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm).

NoFap Benefit #6: More Energy & Endurance

Does NoFap Increase Energy & Endurance?

To understand this concept, let’s start with some scientific facts about sexual energy. Most of our sexual energy is stored in our testicles, where the sperm is produced.

Our semen contains various nutrients that are essential for our wellbeing and for the optimal functioning of our body. To cite a few, sperm contains albumin, calcium, magnesium, fructose, glucose, potassium, zinc, and many more nutrients. 

It is thought from Ayurveda that one drop of semen corresponds to about 40 drops of blood, and about 50% of it is made of protein.

Have you ever thought how much potential power your semen contains in it? Think that if combined with a female egg, it has the force to create life.

Think about it, just from a tiny sperm cell and a female egg, you can create a living human being that grows to maturity just like you.

Whenever you release your semen without awareness of the act, you are literally wasting your greatest power because the seed that you contain inside your testicles is nothing but your own life-force driving everything.

Everything starts with your sexual energy as it is the rawest form of energy that we human beings can experience. Everything else that drives us in this world is nothing but a sublimated form of this energy.

That’s why if you always deplete your first source of energy, the foundation of everything, then all the consequential and possible forms of this energy will be exhausted as well. 

Knowing that, how can you keep wasting your semen, especially on porn? If you’re reading this, I guess you don’t want to be an average man. Did you need to fap to porn before you ever used it? Nope.

Did you survive? Yes, of course!

So why keep wasting this so important energy? In my journey, I noticed how semen retention made me 3 times more endurant at the gym, at work, and under stressful periods. That’s when I realized that our semen truly holds an amazing power that can’t just be wasted. 

NoFap Benefit #7: Make More Money

Will NoFap Make You Richer?

Another benefit that is often associated with nofap is making more money. Why does that happen?

Once you have more inner fire to succeed, along with more social confidence and focus, you’ll be able to direct your energies with a much stronger intent and precision. 

Many of the wealthiest people in the world know that sexual energy is one of the most important success fuelers; that’s why they often cultivate the retention, sublimation, and conscious direction of that energy.

Think about that.

According to statistics research, more than 5% of the adult population worldwide is addicted to porn. A greater percentage (50%+) is a frequent consumer of pornographic material, and 73.8% of males regularly masturbate.

Those habits make it hard for them to exploit their fullest potential as the whole spectrum of benefits that a nofap practitioner gets are not available for them.

This means that men who practice sexual abstinence consistently will have a competitive advantage over the majority of others worldwide. 

Now, guess what? Business is mostly driven by competition in today’s world, competition between you and other men.

Since the view is better at the top in a pyramidal capitalistic system (the majority of the world), you’ll have higher chances of making it there since your drive will be stronger.

This means that if you practice sexual abstinence, you’ll get on the top world percentile of men that are the most competitive and hungry for success. 

Now guess what?

Most money-making abilities are influenced not only by technical skills but also by the social skills that one has. Both are important; one without the other will leave you somehow incomplete, in my opinion.

However, with nofap, it’s scientifically proven that you will have more social confidence and desire to socialize, as we’ve seen before.

This means that you’ll hugely increase your social time as well as the likelihood of meeting somebody to do business with. You’ll go out and go hunting for your food much more just as a hungry caveman used to do long back.

If you hunt more, you get more, that’s obvious, and it’s much better than staying home watching porn and masturbating without meeting anybody.

In my experience, I used nofap to launch my dating business, the first-ever business I started solo. It was hard at the beginning, and I needed a lot of energy and confidence to make my moves. 

With certainty, I can tell you that I couldn’t have been able to work my ass off and have the balls to charge $2.5k for my 12 weeks coaching services after just a few months of my business had started.

Thanks to sexual abstinence, I felt confident, like a lion, and this gave me enough confidence to believe I could sell those high ticket packages over the phone to people overseas; and so I did.

That’s just my first hand, personal experience, but many successful millionaires know the power that sexual abstinence has into making a man financially successful.

If you’re looking to make your pockets bigger and enjoy higher standards of living, that’s one of the best things you can do in your entire life. 

NoFap Benefit #8: Becoming More Attractive

If you’re looking for one of the best nofap benefits that will make you forget about porn and masturbation, that’s it. Watching porn is a great temptation when one doesn’t see women for days. However, by becoming more attractive, you’ll get more confidence and women. I wrote extensively about this topic here.

NoFap Benefit #9: Faster Recovery Rate

When you practice sexual abstinence for long periods of time, you will retain all the precious nutrients that are contained in the male semen. 

Those are proteins, sodium, zinc, amino acids, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, ascorbic acid, and many more nutrients. Moreover, some studies show that semen might contain many other substances like endorphins, prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin.

When you retain those elements in your body, instead of depleting them too frequently, you’ll notice a much faster recovery rate. This more efficient recovery will manifest itself in various ways. 

From my personal experience, I notice that during intense nofap periods, I can:

  1. Sleep 6/7 hours night;
  2. Go to the gym almost every day because of faster recoveries;
  3. Become more resilient to psychological stress and life problems;

However, why does this happen? We have to reflect about some questions before.

Does NoFap Reduce Sleep Need?

From my own experience, yes. However, my opinion doesn’t matter much in the face of scientific research. 

That’s why we’ll need to delve deeper into what happens in your body when you ejaculate.

Every time a man releases his seed, there’s a number of hormones and precious nutrients that are expelled, including the ones seen above.

As this happens, there’s an endogenous release of other hormones that are prolactin, endorphins, and serotonin.

Prolactin, Oxytocin, Vasopressin, Melatonin.

Prolactin is a hormone released after ejaculation in the male body, and it’s responsible for the feeling of sexual satisfaction and for regulating the recovery time between one sex (or masturbation) session the next one. 

Basically, when you have an orgasm and don’t feel like having another erection, it is because you have a lot of prolactin in your body that makes you feel satisfied for the time being. 

One reason why every man just wants to sleep after sex is the release of this hormone. It has, in fact, been seen that there’s a direct link between prolactin release and sleep desire in humans as well as in animals.

However, when you practice sexual abstinence, you won’t release any prolactin, and so your need to take short or long naps will decrease significantly.

Oxytocin and Vasopressin (the love hormone and its antithesis respectively) are also released during orgasm, which is associated with sleep. Moreover, consequent to their release, the body starts producing melatonin that is responsible for sleep induction.

Having seen this scientific evidence, we can come to the conclusion that frequent masturbation associated with orgasm and ejaculation promotes sleep. This means that the opposite is also true, thus whenever you engage in sexual abstinence, your physiological need for sleep will be lowered.

Does NoFap Increase Workout Recovery?

In my own experience, I noticed that when I was doing nofap, I recovered much faster from my workouts, even if they consisted of super heavy compound exercises.

Usually, I’d lose some energy and motivation to go to the gym the day after a big workout, but by practicing sexual abstinence, this didn’t seem to happen. It was as if I was physically tired but not mentally tired.

My muscles were aching like always, but I didn’t feel the associated numbness in the head the day after you have a huge workout.

Moreover, before I used to masturbate some hours before my workout as I’d strangely developed this habit that was causing me to feel more tired and lift less in the gym.

Scientific evidence seems to support this idea as well; in fact, it has been seen that workout performance is lower a few hours after one has experienced ejaculation. 

For that reason, I believe that also recovery will be somehow delayed as the body will need both to repair muscles and produce new sperm that requires a lot of internal energy. That’s just an opinion of mine that stems from personal observations.

NoFap Benefit #10: Get a Deeper Voice

Another great nofap benefit you will get is a more masculine-sounding voice. Generally, a deeper voice is associated with higher testosterone levels. That’s indeed one of the benefits of no fap that you’ll experience that can potentially make your voice sound deeper in just 7 days.

I share my thoughts extensively about this subject here.

NoFap Benefit #11: More Focus & Clarity

Another benefit I personally experienced from doing nofap was being able to focus on high energy consuming tasks for a longer time than I usually did.

I use to write a lot because of my various online businesses, and sometimes I have to spend hours upon hours looking at the screen while trying to put ideas together in a coherent manner.

During my first nofap practice, I was able to complete 3 ebooks in just 2 months, all that without getting overly tired.

These superhuman focus abilities made it possible for me to run faster than the train that was chasing me (figuratively) and to make it before my business failed. 

More than that, I also experienced high levels of clarity, as if I knew exactly what I needed to do and how. This meant writing my articles, making decisions, and acting out effortlessly.

I don’t know how to best describe this sensation, but it feels like you can dominate the world and almost all life circumstances in a super clear way instead of being intimidated by them.

I only know that I never experienced such a level of prolonged intense focus and clarity apart from when I found myself in life-threatening occasions or in times where I needed to do something within short deadlines.

Basically, it feels like being always on something that puts you into a semi-permanent flow state.

Try it yourself to see what I really mean, but honestly buddy; nofap really makes you feel like a superhuman.

NoFap Benefit #12: More Willpower

Ever had those days when you don’t feel like doing that small activity that you have to do that requires lots of willpower?

I’m talking about cleaning your room, sending that long email, or finishing the most tedious part of your work.

Basically, those activities that you’d like to delegate but that you can’t because you are the only one that can or must do them.

Those activities usually consume lots of our willpower because they exercise high pressure on our minds. As you probably know, willpower is like a muscle, but instead of having it in your body, you have it in your mind.

Since it behaves like a muscle, it can be exercised, strengthened, and rendered more durable like those Duracell batteries.

However, it has a finite amount of “conscious will” that it can deliver you on any given day. That’s why, during the night and after you’ve worked all day, it’s harder to do the tasks that require the most focus and willpower.

However, I noticed that while on nofap, my willpower got depleted less easily, or it just increased like if I had a higher “willpower bar.”

I don’t really know what really happened, but it seemed like I was able to do more things while getting less tired at the end of the day. That’s how nofap can make you save your willpower better.

Sometimes I could work 8 hours, do my workout, socialize, work again until 2 am in the morning, and wake up at 9 am fresh like if I did nothing the day before.

I felt like superman basically. That’s why I strongly believe that nofap can hugely increase your willpower and mental resistance. 

Other people that tried sexual abstinence also found this to be the case; however, it’s ultimately you that have to prove it to yourself.

Does NoFap Increase Pheromones?

Before delving into this question, we need to point out that, to date, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to show the existence of human pheromones or their effect on attracting the opposite sex as it happens on animals.

That’s why we don’t have enough info to see if there’s a correlation between NoFap and pheromones since scientific literature needs to get expanded on that.

However, NoFap can have a positive impact on your testosterone levels that will improve your attractiveness with the opposite sex.

In fact, as we said before, not engaging in Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm will increase your testosterone levels in the first 7 days. 

Then it’s also possible to get higher T levels in the long term due to the collateral benefits that it will produce in your system. 

Is NoFap Healthy?

Nofap can be considered healthy to the extent that you practice it with the right balance and mindset; however, we must make some distinctions.

Abstaining from porn is undoubtedly healthy, even if you completely get it out of your life because it is unnatural and significant harm to your masculinity.

As far as concerns no masturbation and no orgasm, it can be harmful to your prostate unless you practice PC muscle contractions during your journey. 

That’s because those are the muscles that contract when you reach orgasm, either alone or with a partner. However, when you stop having orgasms, it happens that your PC muscles stop squeezing your prostate and might prevent it from staying healthy.

That’s why I make sure to do 3 sets of 10 PC muscles squeeze 3 to 4 times/week when I’m not releasing through sex. 

Apart from this little habit you should implement, it seems that nofap will only bring you benefits and thus be healthy for you.

Does NoFap Influence Hair Regrowth?

If you’re wondering if nofap will improve the growth of your hair, that’s a good question. 

According to the scientific studies we talked about before, testosterone levels might increase during your nofap practice. 

However, even if there seems to be a correlation between high testosterone levels (that converted into dihydrotestosterone can cause hair loss), this doesn’t mean you’re going to lose hair with nofap.

Another study found that hair loss is mostly caused by nutrient deficiencies in the system.

This means that the first thing you should worry about isn’t if no masturbation will cause hair loss or not but how well you eat. 

However, talking about nofap and hair loss, you’re obviously going to keep your semen if you don’t ejaculate more often than not. 

This means that by having more nutrients in your body, you will be less prone to suffer from nutrient deficiencies and thus from hair loss and be more likely to promote hair regrowth.

However, there’s not yet enough scientific evidence to prove this very accurately. My 2 cents is to just make sure you’re eating a balanced diet, the rest will take care of itself.

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Does NoFap Have Long Term Benefits?

In my opinion, yes it does. As we have seen, the neurological implication of abstaining from Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm (PMO) is so relevant in the long term that they completely change the lives of people experiencing it.

This is no surprise if you think of all the positive collateral effects that nofap will cause in your life. Just by skimming to all the benefits explained in this article, you can easily understand that most of them will imply long term benefits in your life.

Is NoFap Good?

First of all, we should clarify what you mean by “good.”

If, by the word “good,” you mean “healthy,” see the point above. 

If by “good,” you mean if it feels good, then yes, as higher dopamine levels will make you feel good in the long term. 

However, in the short term, you might feel “bad” because of the rewiring your brain will need to experience. If you want to know more about that, check out this article on the “NoFap Flatline.”

If by “good” you mean if it causes an overall improvement in the quality of your life, then most probably it will, as I just explained in the long term benefits section. 

However, it’s you that ultimately need to try nofap first hand to get a direct experience of its benefits.

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