Does NoFap Makes Your Voice Deeper?

Many men that get into the no fap world ask themselves if they can change their high pitched voice so that they can sound less like the Bee Gees singer and more like a hungry caveman resembling Jason Momoa.

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Before you go on reading the article, realize that probably the Bee Gees singer (and other high pitched ones) probably had more women than Jason Momoa, as it’s not only about the voice. 

However, sounding more like a man can give you higher success chances with the gentle sex and also a more competitive advantage at work and in the male dominance hierarchy.

Should You Worry About Getting a Deeper Voice?

First of all, let’s make something clear. If you believe that you need to have a lower-pitched voice to attract women, keep reading, if not, skip to the next section.

This might sound counterintuitive, but if you are trying to get a deeper voice so that you can attract more women, you’re not coming from a strong frame.

Surely, getting a deeper voice will make you more attractive at the eyes (or ears) of the gentle sex. 

However, if you rely only on a deeper voice to become more attractive to women, you might be secretly sabotaging your results. 

That can happen because, deep down, you might feel as not being worthy of women as you are and that to attract them, you should change something in yourself.

This can subconsciously reinforce an unworthy self-image and the idea that you cannot be attractive enough to the opposite sex as you already perceive to be. 

Think about that. Even if women preferably like men with a deeper voice, do you believe that men with a higher-pitched voice can’t be attractive? Do you think they can’t get laid as everybody? 

That’s all a mind f**k that you and I included in the past, keep reinforcing to avoid facing the reality that we need to work on our self-esteem first and regenerate our wounds instead of perfecting our voices.

If everybody would think that to be attractive to women, one should be the perfect manliness model, then 97% of men worldwide wouldn’t get laid.

The reality is that you are enough as you are and don’t need a deeper voice to sleep with attractive women. I know many men that have a super high pitched voice, yet they can sleep with a lot of attractive women consistently. 

However, having a deeper voice will probably turn them on more, everything else being equal because scientific evidence shows that a deeper voice means that the man has a higher testosterone level and good genes.

With my words, I just wanted to make you consider that you might want to desire a deeper voice only for self-improvement purposes, not necessarily to receive validation from women. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t improve yourself so that you can’t have better quality women in your life. 

It simply means that you shouldn’t make your success with women only depend on the fact that you have a deep voice or not and that if you want to get a more manly voice, you should do it to improve your relationship with yourself.

If you don’t like your voice or your accent, another thing you should avoid is modify how you speak when you interact with women. 

That’s the same concept as the case above where you signal to your subconscious mind that you’re not enough as you are and that you’re not comfortable with your natural way of speaking. 

Now it’s time to learn if no fap makes your voice sound deeper.

Does NoFap Make Your Voice Deeper?

When a man masturbates, he depletes certain hormones, minerals, and nutrients in his body during the ejaculation phase, releasing between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells. 

Those are the amounts that an average man can release in a single ejaculation. Sperm is composed of various elements, including over 200 different proteins, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, and many more.

This loss caused by ejaculation will cause the depletion of other elements in your body that can finally contribute that eventually lower your testosterone levels that are partly responsible for how your voice sounds.

Some people claim that masturbating actually makes the voice deeper because, after masturbation, you might feel more relaxed, loosening up your muscles, and deepening your voice.

However, even if it’s true that by being more relaxed, your voice will sound deeper, that’s not a good measurement to justify masturbation as there are several other ways you can relax without wasting your sexual energy.

It has been seen that by masturbating, you don’t deplete your body of testosterone in the short term by noticeable amounts, but you can change your serum testosterone levels in the long term. This could have an impact on how deep your voice sounds, even if minimal.

Conversely, by not constantly depleting your body with testosterone, you will prevent it from experiencing huge drops. 

It has been seen that a no fap practice will temporarily raise your short term testosterone levels between the 3rd and 7th day. So, if you would stop masturbating today for an entire week, on day 7, you will experience a peak in your testosterone levels, according to this study.

More testosterone means that you will have a deeper voice during that period because the two seem to be related. So the answer to your question is yes but no. 

No fap can make your voice sound deeper within the first week because of the short term increase in testosterone, but it won’t make your voice sound deeper during the whole duration of the practice by a significant difference.

However, there’s an important thing to point out. By practicing sexual abstinence, you will improve many aspects of your life as it can bring you more than 11 benefits. Some of those being more confidence, energy, and less stress. 

Those benefits could, in turn, modify how your voice sounds because they will target many factors associated with its depth.

That’s why we need to take a more in-depth look into those factors to really find out what no fap can do to your voice. Let’s see what they are:

What Are The Main Factors Determining How Deep Your Voice Sounds?

Factor 1: Pre Natal Testosterone Exposure and Vocal Cords Size

The first factor influencing how your voice sounds is probably something you’re not going to like as it’s beyond your control. This dates back to the days before you were even born as when you were in your mom’s womb, you were exposed to a certain amount of testosterone that determined how many male features you developed. 

According to this study, the higher the testosterone levels on a man are before birth, and the higher the changes in his vocal cords length and thickness.

It has been seen how one of the influencing factors of a man’s voice timbre (from a physiological point of view) is the combination of the size and length of his vocal cords along with the size of his larynx, that functions as a resonance box for the sound produced by the vocal cords.

This seems to be obvious, and we can use musical instruments to prove this true. If you, for example, touch a guitar string, you will see that it makes a specific sound that is higher pitched with respect to the one produced by a bass guitar string that is thicker and longer. 

A bigger resonance box will produce a deeper sound too, that’s why trombones make deeper sounds than trumpets. 

So, whether we talk about strings or resonance box size, the resulting sound will change. Your vocal cords are like a guitar string, and your larynx is our resonance box. 

This shows how there’s not much you can do to change how your voice sounds, apart from if you try some presumably working techniques that are used by singers to extend their vocal ranges.

However, your vocal cords size, length, and larynx size are only the fixed variables linked to the prenatal testosterone exposure and to your genetic code, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other variables that can change how your voice sounds. 

That’s why now we’ll explore those variables you can have some control over so that you can make your voice sound deeper, become more sexually attractive, and, eventually, happy.

Factor 2: Serum Testosterone Levels

Your current serum testosterone levels determine how deep your voice sounds, as well. Contrary to the fixed level of testosterone you’ve been exposed to before birth (prenatal testosterone), you can manipulate your serum testosterone levels by adopting certain habits. Let’s discover them together:


When you work out regularly, your body will release huge amounts of testosterone that will start to completely reshape your whole physiological and psychological systems.

This happens because when you stress your muscles, the testicles are signaled to produce more testosterone from the hypothalamus and pituitary gland from the GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). 

This first initial boost in testosterone production will act as a self-reinforcing loop that will improve your overall health and give a boost to your masculinity by making you feel more confident and powerful. This will also impact how your voice sounds as more testosterone = deeper voice.

Now I guess you want to know how to produce as much of this hormone without taking steroids, am I right? 

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Let me tell you that the amount of male hormones you release depends on the types of exercises you perform. 

If you really want to sweat manliness and smell so bad of testosterone that you’ll need to change your clothes every day, you should do fundamental compound exercises coupled with strength training. 

Those exercises ( deadlifts, bench presses and pull-ups) will activate your system to a whole new level and give you that push that you desire. You can also growl like a caveman if you want when performing them; in the end, you want to sound more manly, right?

Don’t exaggerate with the reps as the more you focus on strength training (usually low reps), the more testosterone you will release, everything else being equal.

Eating Well

Our diets influence a big part of our endogenous (internal) hormonal production, that’s why you must start reconsidering what you eat.

I know, probably, you’ll need to decrease your consumption of those delicious foods you love, but that only does harm to you, but, hey! That’s for an important cause, my buddy, and you deserve to become a better man. 

Certain foods will increase your percentage of serum testosterone, while others will decrease it. 

For example, according to this article, drinking alcohol and eating from plastic material seems to lower your testosterone levels while eating fish, certain kinds of meat and fruits like pomegranate will increase it. 

Correct supplementation is also essential when it comes to raising serum testosterone levels. Zinc, for instance, is a great helper to boost testosterone, especially if you deplete it consistently with frequent masturbation.

Remember that eating well isn’t enough if your sleep patterns are fucked up! That’s why getting good quality sleep is essential if you want to maximize your testosterone production.

Factor 3: Cortisol Levels

Have you ever noticed that your voice becomes more high-pitched when you are in a stressful condition? 

Remember those times when you got angry at somebody and started shouting until your eyes went out of the orbits? What about the days where you needed to deliver that project in a few time and started hustling to complete it as soon as possible. 

Those are common situations when people feel stressed. Stress, however, is just a name we give to the feeling we get when our body releases cortisol, that is, drum roll… the hormone of stress!

When this hormone gets released into our bloodstream, it tenses everything up in our body, also the neck muscles that might cause our voice to sound more high pitched than usual.

Thus, one way to avoid getting your voice sound more high pitched is by avoiding unnecessary cortisol release at all costs. This happens when you worry about things that don’t produce an immediate threat to your survival. 

Cortisol and adrenaline are hormones that help us cope with life challenges; in fact, in the short term, they’re not harmful to our health. However, they can be detrimental to well being if a person is constantly releasing them. 

Some practical examples are worrying about the job interview you have in a week, worrying about the future causes of your death, or about the possibility of being betrayed by a friend or partner. 

Unless the reasons for you to worry are sound and rational, they are most likely “cortisol fantasies” that are not only causing your voice to sound like the Bee Gees singer in a panic state but also impairing your health dramatically.

No wonder stress is the leading cause of premature deaths. That’s why you should implement activities that bring your stress levels to normal ones. 

Such activities can be anything that makes you feel relaxed, happy, in love, or that gets you in deep meditative states. Meditation & yoga are the most suggested ones, but you can do anything that works for you.

Some people prefer relaxing by reading a book, others by having a walk on the beach, I relax by thinking, strategizing, listening to music, working out, dancing, and writing. 

Find what works best for you and apply it into your life because if you are constantly bombarded by high cortisol levels, you’re doing a great disservice to yourself, holistically speaking.

Factor 4: Breathing Patterns

Have you ever heard of diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing), pranayama, or the Wim Hof Method? If you practiced meditation, singing, or acting for a time in your life, probably yes. 

Belly breathing occurs when you breathe deep down until your lower abdomen expands, by lowering your diaphragm, instead of breathing by filling your upper lungs only with the expansion of your chest only.

This type of breathing is how we humans should breathe every time, as that’s the healthiest and most natural way to nurture our body through inhaling air.

In fact, it has been seen that babies always breathe that way, oxygenating their whole bodies, activating their lymphatic system, and ensuring themselves a naturally induced relaxed state. 

This happens because breathing by only expanding your upper chest is shallow and more limited compared to the belly breathing that has many more benefits.

Now I guess you’re wondering how breathing with your belly can make your voice sound deeper. 

Well, that’s linked to what we spoke about in the previous point. The more you breathe with your belly, the more relaxed and in control you’ll feel, giving your body the space it needs to calm down and get back into its balanced state.

A true grounded man is mostly in control of himself, relaxed and unfazed by life troubles. That’s why when your cortisol production will cease, you’ll tap into your natural manliness; this will make you sound as deep as you should. 

However, you won’t sound at your best unless you consider the next aspect that’s not an inborn trait.

Factor 5: Your Confidence Levels

How confident you are won’t surely change the physical structure of your larynx or of your vocal cords. However, that will determine how much power you convey with your voice. 

If you believe to be inferior to women or not worthy of them, you will inevitably convey that to them with your subconscious body signals. 

Those signals will be interpreted by women immediately, as they have a hyper intuition (developed for ages) that will catch any insecure man in less than 7 seconds. 

However, when you’re confident and don’t care about what other people think, you’ll talk openly without trying to hold something in your throat. That’s going to make you speak without the “mental filters” that usually block out the energy.

However, mental filters aren’t just imaginary as they will directly impact how you pronounce each word and how you deliver it. That’s why a counterintuitive way to improve your voice would be by developing your mindset.

This means one thing: you have to take the nice guy shit out of your mind and express yourself like a real confident man, balls out. Many women like a man that can be nice when needed, but that can treat them as bad as they can when they deserve it. 

Some of them like this, aside from morality and common sense knowledge. That’s why most women get turned on by the bad boy and not nice guys. 

If you always talk to women being insecure about what they think of you when you express yourself and are afraid to say the wrong thing, then you’ll most likely sound high pitched to them like a barbie. 

But you’re not a barbie, nor a kitten. You’re a man, and as such, you need to become confident in yourself that you don’t give a crap about their opinion.

That’s why if you want to sound like a real man, you also have to work on the psychological aspect of your masculinity because even if nature gifted you with thick and long vocal cords, that doesn’t mean you’re going to max out their potential. 

There are a lot of men that have very good voices out there, but that doesn’t maximize them because of their mental filters and insecurities. Don’t be that guy, speak as if you gotta shatter a piece of glass with resounding vocal confidence.

Factor 6: Neck Exercise & Posture

Finally, another practice you can do to make your voice sound deeper is practicing neck exercises and adjusting your daily posture. If you carry yourself in a misaligned way, that will inevitably affect your voice. 

This is the same concept we expressed above. 

As your psychology affects your voice power, so does your physiology; NLP practitioners and teachers know that well.  

Your Posture

Try this for yourself. 

1: Tilt your head down, like if you’re looking at somebody else’s shoes 2 feet away from you and say the sentence: “I am confident.” 

2: Then tilt it so that it is perfectly looking in front of you, like if you’re looking at the horizon. Open your chest and tilt your shoulders back a little; now repeat the sentence: “I am confident.”

Which one makes your voice sound better?

If you notice, whenever you stand tall and confident, you will sound more authoritative. 

That’s not the same confidence you have within yourself, derived from your psychology, but is confidence created by your physiology. 

Another way you can increase your confidence levels is by trying the 2 minutes winner pose that has been proven to raise your testosterone by 8% and decrease cortisol levels by as much as 25%!

Hell, if that’s an excellent natural remedy!

Neck Exercises

Finally, there are some neck exercises you can do to improve the depth of your voice. To do this, you need to relax the muscles around it as too much local tension in this area can be one cause why your voice isn’t fully expressed.

1: Stretch your neck up and down entirely for 30 times, slowly;

2: Move it side to side, slowly and as far as you start to feel your muscles stretching, other 30 times;

3: Finally, rotate it making 15 circles left and 15 circles right, still slowly.

If you want, you can do 3 sets of 15 seconds of low pitched humming to further relax the area around your larynx.

The Bottom Line

Doing no fap is not going to increase your testosterone levels by much. Still, a consequence of doing no fap is that by performing more activities, feeling more confident and happy, you will get into an upper spiral of success.

More success will make you produce more testosterone that will also affect how your voice sounds because of the physiological, psychological, and biochemical reasons we discussed above.

The bottom line is that you should practice sexual abstinence or intermittent sexual abstinence if you want to make your voice sound deeper, better, and more confident.

That’s my take derived from the research I made, personal experience, and common sense. As I always suggest, do your own research as that’s how you can be sure that those ideas will work for you too.

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