Does No Fap Accelerate the Law of Attraction?

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If you asked this question, it probably means you’re on a spiritual path, and I respect you a lot for that.

To understand if no fapping accelerates the law of attraction, we must first speak about sexual energy. 

Sexual energy is the rawest form of energy any human being can produce and make use of. In fact, our sexual energy is what creates life just from the union of two simple cells, the male spermatozoa and the female egg. 

You, as a man or as a woman, contain half of this life-force. 

Now, guess what you could do with half of that power. If you can’t create life itself, you can probably use it to create something great, beautiful, and good. That’s where the law of attraction comes into play. 

In our universe, there’s only one thing: energy. 

This means that all we do is play with this energy by transforming it from one state to the other. As one of the major quotes from Einstein states: 

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.”

This shows one simple thing:

  1. If everything is energy, sperm is energy;
  2. If with the sperm’s energy you can create life, it must be a powerful source of energy;
  3. If you retain that semen within you, you retain this powerful energy within you;
  4. If you don’t use semen for sexual practices, it must be transformed;
  5. If it is transformed, it can only get more refined than its rawest form;
  6. More refined energies mean operating from subtler planes.

Well, how does that apply to you? Let me explain.

Everything you think and everything you say has a charge that can be positive or negative. 

When you retain your semen and transmute it into subtler planes, it will reinforce whatever thought you put out. 

This means that your power will literally be amplified, just like turning on the volume of a stereo until it reaches further areas in space.

However, you must be careful as no fap will only make your thoughts stronger, both if they’re positive or negative. 

It will then be your will and mental charge that will determine what will happen to you, so before doing semen retention, it’s essential to learn to think positive and clean, otherwise, you might attract “bad luck” into your life.

This means that no fapping indeed accelerate the law of attraction because of sexual transmutation.

What is Sexual Transmutation?

The term sexual transmutation was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book Think & Grow Rich. 

He proposed the idea that sexual energy is nothing but a more raw and dense form of energy that, if transmuted into subtler energies, could produce amazing results in people who used it consciously. 

He also added that we, as humans, are primarily motivated by 2 kinds of forces: Sex and Love. 

This means that if you can use your sexual energy as a primary motivating factor and then transmute it to love, you will attract much more of what you want in your life. 

That’s why many spiritual teachings insist on the idea of love instead of preaching unlimited sex with everybody. 

Spiritual masters know that too much unconscious sex can lead to energy dispersion. For that reason, they preach self-control and love as better ways to create the reality you want.

If you notice it, sexual teachings, if any of spiritual traditions are accompanied by the concept of love and awareness.

That’s the case of Tantra yoga, where couples use the combined forces of sex and love to create something beautiful. 

That’s the spiritual way of having sex, related to the law of attraction and reality creation.

How are No Fap and Law of Attraction Related?

I think that by now, you understand that the more energy you’re able to retain (no fap) and transmute (meditation techniques), the finer energy you’ll have at your disposal.

Since everything is energy that vibrates at a specific frequency, by using specific meditation techniques, you‘ll be able to tune yourself at the frequency you desire, vibrate at that frequency more intensely, and attract things of the same nature.

The body is bioelectrical and electromagnetic in its inherent nature; thus, it literally works like a magnet that attracts or repels everything of its same and opposite nature, respectively.

Since in science and physics, we know that like vibrations attract like vibrations, the stronger energies you’ll harness, the more you’ll be able to attract. 

That’s how the law of attraction and no fap work and are related to each other.

Why Does the Law of Attraction Don’t Work?

1: You Are Out of Alignment

Being out of alignment can signify many things, from you going towards the wrong direction to you not believing about the law of attraction. 

Both things are detrimental to your spiritual evolution and manifestation capabilities. When you don’t follow the path given by your higher self, you will never make your life what you want. 

Conversely, when you don’t believe in the law of attraction, you are not operating at your maximum potential, even if you unconsciously attract and repel specific things in your life.

2: You Have Low Energy

Sometimes you’ll have a hard time seeing the results you want to get manifested in your life. This usually happens because of low levels of energy that literally mean that your ability to magnetize is severely impaired. 

That’s why you need to take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health by working on your body, eating & sleeping well, and having some higher principles to follow.

3: You Force Things

Finally, one of the most common reasons why the law of attraction doesn’t work is that you need to get what you want so bad that you end up not getting it. 

If you really want something to manifest in your life, move in that direction, but don’t despair if you don’t necessarily get it. 

Your hanging to that thing will prevent it from being manifested as only when energy flows freely, things can materialize.

The Bottom Line

Should you practice no fap to increase your attraction strength?

Surely yes, if you’re serious about increasing your spiritual power. However, don’t be too serious.

Moreover, I’d suggest you research in-depth about the law of attraction to maximize your success chances. There’s really a lot to learn about it. 

What do you think about that?

Comment below your first thought.

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