NoFap Urges

Are You Haunted By No Fap Urges?

If you’re new to no fap, you’re probably having a hard time controlling your urges, after all, you’ve been conditioned for years to fall for them.

That’s something haunting many men worldwide, and the same thing happened to me too. In fact, I can clearly remember the first time I was trying no fap, back in 2017. 

In the beginning, things were pretty easy; in fact, I could prevent myself from watching porn and ejaculating for the first 2-3 days. However, as the days passed, the urge got stronger and stronger until I couldn’t hold it anymore. 

That’s when I brutally failed and relapsed into the old, unhealthy habit. However, I wanted to find a semi-permanent or permanent solution to my problem, and I did. 

Today, I want to equip you with a set of practices that will help you control your sexual urges. 

Now you might be thinking: “How is it possible to control such an amazing force like our sexual energy? What human on earth can even do that?”

It is possible, buddy, you just need to get more acquainted with some practices so that you can become more aware of how your body and mind function. When you know that, you’ll be in a better position to control such urges.

What are these practices? Let’s discover them below.

How To Control No Fap Urges

Practice #1: Meditation

The first thing I’d suggest you implement in your lifestyle is a simple meditation practice. I believe you should practice some kind of meditation every day, regardless of the fact that you practice no fap or not.

When you meditate, your mind slows down, allowing you to see things that you couldn’t see before. 

In a more relaxed state, you’ll be able to better recognize the inner obstacles that are preventing you from succeeding with no fap. Those obstacles are usually automatic behavioral patterns and subconscious beliefs.

When you meditate, new awareness emerges because your brainwaves will get down from beta to alpha, a much more relaxed state where you can access your subconscious mind, observe your thoughts and patterns more easily. 

The alpha state is what beginner meditation practitioners usually get to, and that’s already an excellent place to start with your reprogramming.

However, advanced practitioners can get to theta or even delta states of brainwaves where they can directly access their subconscious minds and reprogram them at will. 

That’s something you’ll learn with practice.

However, if you can get even to an alpha level state, you’ll get a deeper level of understanding of what obstacles are preventing you from succeeding with no fap.

You can begin meditating with a simple observation practice of your thoughts if you’re a beginner. Try this now to experience its incredible benefits.

Practice #2: Pranayama

Another powerful practice you can use to control your urges is the so-called “pranayama,” a word that refers to various breathing techniques used by yogis both in ancient and modern times.

Pranayama has many purposes; cleansing your system, moving the body lymph, relaxing your mind, oxygenating your body, and moving the energies around to cite a few. 

Pranayama will also help you control your mind by managing your breath with specific patterns, depending on the kind of breathing you do and on the results you want to get.

There are many breathing patterns you can perform, like the Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, or Anulom Vilom.

Don’t worry if those words sound alien to you! You can learn more about pranayama practices, how to perform them, and their benefits here.

Practice #3: Sexual Transmutation

If you don’t want to engage in any breathing technique, you can try transmuting your sexual energy into a creative one. 

What? Are you serious?

I don’t know if somebody ever told you this, but sexual energy is the rawest, yet most potent form of energy any human being can make use of.

If you think about it, with the combined sexual energies of male and female bodies, life is created. However, what happens if you don’t waste this energy along with your semen on porn and unaware masturbation?

You could literally increase your mental faculties by unimaginable degrees by transmuting those energies. That’s what many historical geniuses like Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, and other artists did.

Not only them.

Also, new celebrities like Mike Tyson admitted having abstained from sex for years to improve his fighting skills. Or Louis Armstrong stated that he never jerked off before he had to play his concerts.

This shows how you can also transmute this form of energy (sexual) into another, more refined form that will help you achieve your goals faster in life. 

Sounds strange?

Yes, if you’ve never experienced things as perfect synchronicities, faster manifestation of your goals, and powerful alignment with your purpose.

That concept has also been expressed by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think & Grow Rich” as one of the fundamental practices that made some of the wealthiest people on the planet who they are. 

Practice #4: Constructive Distraction

Another strategy I often use to control no fap urges is doing something constructive/productive as soon as I feel the need to release.

For instance, whenever I feel the pressure in my genital area, I dedicate myself to some activity that I absolutely love, like working out, dancing salsa, or writing.

This distracts my mind from the idea of releasing and prevents me from falling into temptation. 

Another thing I do that works wonders is hanging out with friends or, even better, approaching women outside. 

Real female energy, buddy.

This activity not only makes me forget about fapping, exactly like I forgot those boring high school classes, but improves my charisma, attractiveness, and likelihood of getting laid.

Thanks to no fap the intimate experience I enjoyed with women doubled in a single year, making it even easier for me to attract them. This happens because no fap causes a lot of improvements to your perceived attractiveness.

I can’t recommend enough a genuine dose of male-to-female interaction as, after all, if you have strong fapping urges is probably because what you really want is having real intimacy with a real woman.

Practice #5: Willpower Strengthening

Finally, the last thing you can do to control your sexual energy is to increase the strength of your willpower. 

In fact, that’s precisely what you use to control your sexual urges and not only those. Managing emotions, thoughts, and any kind of craving requires the use of this mysterious force.

That’s the same force you use when pushing yourself to do something you don’t want to do, like working out the first days after a long time of inactivity or going out of your house when you don’t feel like it.

Now the question arises naturally, exactly like the sexual desires you’re trying to control so badly.

How can you strengthen your willpower?

Scientific studies have shown that willpower is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger and more resilient it becomes, exactly like when you want to strengthen those pecs/abs of your muscles. 

This means one thing.

You can consciously train your willpower every single day, and you can do this in two ways fundamentally:

  1. Resisting to do things you don’t have to do;
  2. Pushing yourself to do things you have to do. 

This means that every time you feel like doing something, you shouldn’t do, you must control yourself. You must literally force yourself from not doing the thing, provided that’s something that will harm you.

Simply put, don’t fucking do what you shouldn’t do.

Conversely, you can exercise your willpower by pushing yourself to do things you need to do, or that will benefit you. Those things can be working out, eating well, socializing, getting things done, and telling the truth when it must be said. 

In a few words, you have to become stronger than the laziness preventing you from not facing the obstacles. 

The more you’ll be able to control yourself, and the stronger your willpower will get. That will give you in return more power back in all the areas of your life since willpower can be applied everywhere.

How Can You Stop No Fap Urges?

What about stopping urges when they are too strong to control? Below are a couple solutions that might work well for you.

Tip #6: Get into the Flatline Stage

One counter-intuitive thing you can do to stop no fap urges is pushing yourself in your journey until you hit the so-called “flatline stage.” 

That stage is when your brain starts to rewire itself from its massive Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm (PMO) overload. 

During the flatline phase, you will not feel any sexual urges whatsoever or, if you feel them, they will be so weak that you’ll be able to control them with just a little willpower.

However, getting to the flatline stage is not an easy task for most people. That’s why you might consider hiring an accountability coach to give you enough momentum to hit the flatline. 

That wouldn’t take more than a month of coaching usually, but this depends on how severe your condition is.

Tip #7: Contrast Showers

Finally, the old trick of taking cold showers might also stop your urges when they get too intense. If you feel like you need to release, do this:

  1. Start by doing a 5 minutes body warmup like when you prepare for a fight;
  2. Get into the shower with hot water already running;
  3. Let the hot water run for 2 minutes until your body warms up, 
  4. After the 2 minutes, switch the water to cold for 20 seconds;
  5. After that, switch it back to hot for another 10 seconds;
  6. Repeat this 20 seconds cold water-10 second hot water cycle for 5 minutes. 

This practice will enormously strengthen your willpower, apart from giving your body amazing physiological and psychological benefits.

This happens because of the alternate vaso-dilatation and vaso-conscription of your arteries that will pump blood to every extremity of your body.

Always remember to start small as you don’t want to put too much stress on your nervous system. If, for any reason, you feel bad during the contrast showers, STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Important Note: Do not perform any breathing technique (pranayama) under the shower as you might faint from overventilation if things get out of your control.


Now you’re equipped with many practical ideas to control your sexual urges during your day. Some of those will work better on you, while others might necessarily not work well. 

That’s why I suggest you do your own experiments and draw your own conclusions on what ultimately benefits you.

Good luck with your no fap journey and see you in the next article.

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